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Erokka ONline Supermart Terms and Conditions 


We are pleased to have you visit the Erokkang.com website - the "Site". This description  "Terms and Conditions" apply to the Site, every subsidiary, divisions, and analysis are with optimum references to the "Terms and Conditions. For clarity, Users, Sellers, Us, We and our simply refers to this website at Erokkang.com

The Site reserves the right, to make any modifications of both the Terms and Conditions for Users and the Terms and Conditions for Sellers at any time. The amendment is effective once posted on the Site with no other prior notice. Do not hesitate to always run a check on these Terms and Conditions regularly for updates. Your continued use of the Site following the changes to these Terms and Conditions represents your acceptance of new changes.

With a clear understanding, kindly check out the Terms and Conditions stated below prior to the use of this website as your use of the website represents your agreement to be fully bound by its Terms and Conditions.

You agree to reach out for questions if you are not sure of the meaning within any part of these Terms and Conditions, you will not hold back to contacting us for clarification. These Terms and Conditions fully in relation to the use of this website. 

Terms and Conditions for Users

Use of the Site

You confirm that you are at 18 years of age above or are gaining access to the Site under the supervision of a legal guardian or Parent.

Both parties agree that this website can only be accessible in accordance with these Terms and Conditions for users. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions for users or do not wish to be governed by them, you agree to hold back from using this website.

We permit you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to use this Site, in line with the Terms and Conditions for Users, for things such as: surfing to gathering prior information relating to our products and services and making purchases, as we as shopping for items sold on the site. 

We prohibit any Commercial use or use on behalf of any third party, except we permit you explicitly in advance. These Terms and Conditions for Users specifically prohibit actions as follows: accessing the Site servers, internal computer systems, and any interference with the functionality of this website, computing, or altering any underlying software code, violating any intellectual property rights. Any similar actions are strictly prohibited since the list is non-exhaustive.

Any infringement on these Terms and Conditions for Users shall result in the immediate cancellation of the license grant in this paragraph without prior notification. Do not use our products for unauthorized or illegal purposes. If you violate any laws in your jurisdiction (with copyright laws and other laws inclusive) through the use of Our product and Service. If we examine through caution that you are breaching any of these conditions, we retain our right to deny you access to this website and its contents.



Promotional Rules

Any available raffle, contests, or other promotions through the Site may be totally guided by rules that are separate from these Terms. Participants in any Promotions should kindly review the applicable Official Rules in line with our Privacy Policy.

User Submissions

Certain interfaces of the Site may require registration and or otherwise ask you to provide information so as to gain access to different selections of contents and features. If you chose to subscribe to such features, kindly provide the current, accurate, and legitimate information about yourself. Refusal to provide such information will limit or restrict you to further access.

At all costs, avoid impersonation as it will mislead us to the third parties for any wrong Submissions. There would be a need to neglect, remove, or report such submissions. You will receive emails on frequent updates which would lead to a greater advantage and the better usage of Erokkang.com

However, you can choose to unsubscribe from your emails. You can also reach out to our customer service to unsubscribe on another platform that belongs to Erokkang.com

You are solely responsible for the usage, maintenance, and the confidentiality of your password and account information. More simply put, you are fully responsible for all the activities under your account. The Site will not take credit for any loss or damage you incur as a result of sharing your details with a third party. You agree to notify Erokka of any unauthorized activities on your account. 

Additionally, the rights to User Submissions cover the posts, comments, contents, and reviews you make to the Site. You agree to grant us the right to the use of your submissions exclusively.

Credit-Card Usage

Any product or service can be purchased on the Site; certain information would be required to complete your transactions. This includes the credit card number, the expiration date of your credit card, your billing address, and your delivery/shipping information. By inputting this, you warrant the LEGAL RIGHT to the use of CARD for a specific transaction. N/B; there is nothing to worry about as you will be asked to verify your transaction process with specific details before completion.  


Website Details and Information

You agree that the information contained in this website is provided and intended for information purposes only. All information is subject to change without prior notice. However, we take the responsibility for accurate information when posted. 

All Product images and representations on the Site belong to the vendor and are not made by us. User submissions can be expressed in comments, likes, reviews, content on the Site. These details may not reflect our opinions.

We are not representing the merchant products listed on our website, therefore we disclaim all warranties. You agree that we cannot be held responsible for any damages from products that are made available through our Website. With full understanding that certain location laws do not allow limitations on implied warranties, therefore this disclaimer may therefore not apply where these laws are applicable.


Accessing the Site (the Website)

We aim to offer you full access to the website at all times, meanwhile we reserve our right to terminate the website at any time and without notice. You accept that service interruption may be bound to occur such that there would be a need for website improvements, scheduling, and maintenance less the issue goes beyond fast time control.

Links Display and Thirds Party Websites Display

Certain dealings might require that we include links to third party websites at any time. Hence, this occurrence might redirect the link to another website; this shall not be considered an affiliation/partnership or endorsement of any kind except stated otherwise.

However, you agree not to create a link to this website. This is strictly prohibited without our prior consent. We reserve the right to revoke your content without notice or justification.

Intellectual Property

Both parties agree that all database rights and intellectual property rights remain in our licensors. The use of our content, underlying source code, and not limited software compilation, and other materials can only be permitted by our licensors and authority.

We prohibit any unauthorized use of the materials as derivative or commercial exploit to facilitate a third party and any goal outside our consent.

Data Protection

All personal information is collated in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is available on the Site. Erokka.com. Erokka saves the address only for commercial purposes if need be. 


If you breach our Terms for Users and User Agreement, you agree to indemnify or more simply put, free us from any claim to turn down the demand for reasonable legal fees, related to your misconduct.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The following Terms and Conditions for Users is thereby interpreted and governed by the laws enforced in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In relation to the Arbitration section below, both parties hereby concur to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Nigeria and to renounce any objections based upon venue.


Any prolonged public agreement, claim or dispute rising against these Terms and Conditions for User will be alluded to and if need be finally settled by confidential binding arbitration in front of a single arbitrator held in Nigeria and governed by Nigeria law pursuant in line with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act Cap A18 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, in the English Language as amended, replaced or re-enacted from time to time.

The arbitrator must be certified and legally trained with genuine experience in the information technology sector in Nigeria and is applicable to either party. The Site also reserves the right to pursue the defense of intellectual property rights and private information through injunctive as well as other relief in the same standard with the courts.



With legal or any other equitable relief solution, end the Terms and conditions for Users without prior notice.

Upon the honor of the termination of this Agreement, you are subject to immediately end all access to the use of the Site and we shall immediately revoke your account identification, password, and other content that allow your access to the full use of this Site.

Furthermore, you agree that the Site Shall not be held responsible to you as a result of any suspension or termination. You agree to discontinue the use of this Site if you are unsatisfied with any Rules, Policies, Practices, Terms, and Conditions of Erokka Best Online SuperMart in Nigerian in operating the Site. The only resolve is to discontinue your use of the Site.



If the full or part of the portion of the Terms and Condition for use is addressed as invalid, or impossible to enforce by any court or tribunal then that part shall become severed from these Terms and Conditions for User  and shall not affect the credibility or enforceability of other sections

Miscellaneous Provisions

You agree to all agreements, disclosures, notices, and other communications provided by the Site to your electronic satisfaction any legal requirement that is stated in writing. 

Allocating or speculating any of your rights under these Terms and Conditions for User to any third party is prohibited except agreed upon in written content by the seller.

We secure the right to transfer, assign or subcontract the benefit of the whole or part of any rights under these Terms and Conditions for users to any third party.


Terms and Conditions for Sale



You confirm that you are at 18 years of age above or are gaining access to the Site under the supervision of a legal guardian or Parent.

You agree to reach out for clarification prior to making any purchase if any or part meaning of the Terms and Condition For sale is unclear to you. These Terms and Conditions for Sale are fully governed on the sale of goods and services purchased on this Site. No external evidence; oral or written will be incorporated.

Contract Layout

Both parties agree that the use of the website regarding information to the services provided by the seller does not represent an offer to sell, but solely an invitation to treat. The parties agree that an offer is only made once you have specified the item intend to purchase, select your preferred method of payment, and completed the checkout process.

Before confirming your order, you may be asked to provide additional verifications including but not limited to address or phone number before we accept the order.

Both parties agree that the acceptance of the offer is only guaranteed through check out on the Site and not when the seller contacts you via phone or email to confirm that the order has been placed online. Your offer is only accepted when we dispatch the product update to you via email or phone to inform you of the dispatch of your ordered product. 

Kindly note that some situations arise when an order cannot be processed for various reasons; the Site secures the right to reject or cancel any order for any reason at any given time.

Electronic Documents Acceptance

You agree that all agreements, notices, declaration and other communications provided to you electronically meet the expectation of any legal requirement that such communications remain in writing.




Payment and Pricing

We are resolved to provide users with the most accurate pricing information; regardless, errors are unavoidable which may lead to incorrect price displays on the website. If such a situation occurs, we secure the right to refuse or cancel the order. In the occurrence that an item is mispriced, we may take self caution to reach out to you for instructions of such cancellation.

We reserve the right to cancel any of such orders whether or not you’ve confirmed your credit/debit card payment charged.  If we are unavailable to provide you with the services, we will brief you as soon as possible. A full refund will be given where you have already checked out and paid for the products. 

Use of Coupon/Voucher Codes

The Site accepts the use of voucher codes once the interface is functional for orders placed online. These codes allow you to save the order or discount, and as the case may be at the time of ordering a product on our Site. Coupon/Vouchers may also be issued to customers as a thing exchanged for advance payments made to the Site via payment for products intended to be purchased on the Site.

Our Coupon/voucher codes may not be bartered for cash. Except for the Coupons/vouchers that are issued in accordance with our refunds policy or for advance payments, we secure the right to cancel or withdraw our voucher codes at any time.


Liability of Parties on the Erokka Marketplace

Basically, our website is a marketplace that is open for third-parties to sell their products on. All the products listed on the Erokka Marketplace are not owned by us, we are also not involved in the actual sale transaction between the sellers and buyers on the Erokka Marketplace.

Both the seller and buyer agree that we are totally free from any liability in any tort contract, pre-contract or other representations of all transactions conducted on the Erokka Marketplace.


This Site is only for delivery of products to customers within Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria. We make every effort to deliver goods within the estimated timeframe set out on the Site; meanwhile, delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances. We shall be under no accountability for any delay or failure to deliver the products within the estimated timescales where they did not occur due to our fault or negligence.

You agree not to hold the seller liable for any delay or failure to deliver products or otherwise perform any obligation as specified in these Terms and Conditions of Sale if the same is wholly or partly caused whether directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


Return Policy

Erokka Return Policy is well detailed in the document titled “Erokka Refund & Return Policy” on the Site. Kindly read through it.


Indemnity Agreement 

You agree to free us from any claim, reasonable legal fees, fees related bills to your breach of our Terms and conditions for sale.  This agreement applies to our affiliates, agents, officers, employees, and directors, as the case may be. 

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions for Sale shall be governed and interpreted by the laws enforced in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In line with the Arbitration section below, both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Nigeria and to abdicate any objections based upon venue.



Any dispute relating to these Terms and Conditions for Sale will be introduced to and finally settled by a confidential binding arbitration subject to a single arbitrator held in Nigeria in English language and ruled by Nigeria law pursuant to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act Cap A18 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, as amended and replaced over time.

The arbitrator shall be a person who is legally certified and experienced in the information technology field in Nigeria and shall be independent of any party. Nonetheless, the Site secures the right to pursue the protection of intellectual property rights and confidential information using injunctive or other legal relief that is equitable through the courts.



If any portion of these Terms or Conditions for Sale; either part or whole is held by any court to be illegal, unenforceable, or invalid, then that part shall be severed from these Terms and Conditions for Sale. Note, this shall not affect the validity of any other section enlisted in this document.


Miscellaneous Provisions

You agree that every electronic agreement, notice, disclosure and other communication provided to you by Erokka satisfies any legal requirement in the same manner in writing.

We prohibit any form of assigning, transferring, or sub-contracting any of your rights under these Terms and Conditions for Sale to any third party except if agreed upon in writing by the seller.

We reserve our right to assign or subcontract any part or whole benefit of any rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions for Sale to any third party.


Copyright Infringement Notice 

If you have a statement that is unsatisfactory or unacceptable to the infringement of your copyright, do not hesitate to write to the following Email: (720degreehub1@celinah3281). We respond speedily to your concern. In line with your complaint statement, kindly include the following details:

An electronic copy of an authorized signature bearing proof of the copyright owner. 

A genuine description of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed.

The description of the location of the infringing material on our Website.

The proper address, telephone number, or email address of the complaining party.

A statement made by the complaining party with a sincere intention that the use of the material in the manner complained of is authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by law.

A statement to testify or to give evidence under oath, that the information provided in the notice of copyright infringement is accurate. Additionally, the complaining party is authorized to act in the best interest of the copyright owner.  Kindly note that this procedure is only for notifying Erokka that your copyrighted material has been infringed.





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