What To know About Covid 19

It is an outbreak of a pandemic disease, a twist to fate even as the name implies "CO" which stands for CORONA, followed by "VI" for VIRUS, and then "D" for the Disease with its breakout since 2019 which summed it up to Covid-19.

Evolving from common cold, through severe respiratory syndrome, tasteless, smell-less symptoms, and sometimes without evident symptoms. Be aware of this fact as regards to the fragility of life!

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Health Status

We all have a common perception about Health, No one will deliberately allow sickness or injury into their body. Regardless of your capacity, you want to stay healthy to stay alive. We are conscious of Covid-19 and other illnesses, so need you to have accurate knowledge of your Health-Status.

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Don't be Distressed be Security Conscious

We are also aware of the security status in the country, in our State, even to our local areas and we are also committed to helping you out with a surveillance check.

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